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Tsalach Group Ltd.Make Your Dreams A Reality.

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. ~ Vince Lombardi

About us

Tsalach Group Limited (TGL) is a privately owned company incorporated under the Companies Act Cap.486 of the laws of Kenya. It has a broad range of interests strongly rooted in technology, horticulture, property development and assets management.

Tsalach, pronounced as zalak, means: to advance, be profitable, to experience prosperity. Our goal is to enhance the business processes of Government bodies, companies, learning institutions and Agencies using technology.

Our four pillars

Tsalach Group Limited is dedicated to improving the livelihoods through creating conducive environment for growth. In this pursuit, we have identified four key areas of participation that has the potential to bring a positive change and create wealth.

1. Technology: In order to remain competitive in this era, a company must embrace and advance with the technological changes. We help companies cut operational costs through establishing reliable and secure networks, VoIP Telephony which allow free high quality phone calls and dynamic websites and systems that enable companies stay in touch with clients. We also supply and install all ICT equipment and CCTV surveillance systems.

2. Investments: Exploration and exploitation of investments opportunities within the nation and in this region is essential to the growth of Tsalach Group Limited and realization of Kenyas Vision 2030. In order to create wealth and improve the living standard of the more than half of the countrys population living on less than a hundred Kenya shillings a day, TGL - Investments envisage to financially nurture young talents.

3. Horticulture: We realize that in order for us to achieve our corporate and global objectives, we need a healthy nation. Through TGL - Horticulture, we are able to mitigate food insecurity through large scale farming and employing modern farming methods such as green houses.

4. Consultancy: We consult in various fields and mostly in the sector of technology and systems security and audit.